Aligning wealth
with purpose


What do you dream of?


How would you love your life to look? What dreams do you have for the future? 

With the right advice and thorough financial planning, you’d be amazed by what’s within your reach. Working with us represents an incredible opportunity to put your wealth to work and design a future that provides more for you and your family.

The Fundamental Group is a leading boutique financial planning firm, providing specialist wealth advice to Families and Business Owners (including Consultants, Freelancers and Family Businesses) who wish to delegate the management of their wealth to a trusted professional.


The service and advice you offer is absolutely first class

Our purpose


Our purpose is to help clients develop their vision of how they’d like their lives to be, and work alongside them for the long-term – putting their wealth to work in enabling them lead a more meaningful and purposeful life.

We work with families who look beyond their own postcode to find the right financial planner. Our clients are those who aren’t interested in accumulating wealth for the sake of it, and their idea of success is defined by so much more than the value of their assets.

They’re motivated by the potential to build a richer future for themselves and their families, and are looking for an advisor who can work alongside them to translate their values into an actionable plan. They know that working with an advisor is about so much more than analysing their wealth, but instead an opportunity to create a meaningful relationship that promise real mutual reward. 


We received a fantastically detailed presentation of where we would be financially in the years to come, with recommendations on actions to take now for a sound retirement

Time to re-imagine financial planning advice


Financial advice has traditionally been dominated by product-focussed advice that leads to revenues on behalf of the advisor but often short-sighted results for the client. The Fundamental Group was born from a desire to break the mould and deliver a truly valuable financial planning service, centred around you, your values, and your important goals in life that require financial planning in order to achieve.

You may already have some experience of working with a financial planner, adviser or wealth manager (confusing, isn’t it?). We believe in stripping financial planning right back to it’s essence, making it much more straightforward, and ultimately more valuable.

Our process is transformative to our clients’ lives, and we really throw ourselves into providing the level of time and attention that each clients’ unique situation deserves. Learn about getting started, our philosophy and how we’ll work with you.

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