Getting started


We provide a holistic service that covers every aspect of your financial life, designed to bring clarity and direction to your wealth and future plans.

No matter the complexity of your unique situation, we avoid cutting straight to a solution without first having a sound understanding of what you value and exactly what you wish to achieve.



1// Gain focus


During our Discovery Meeting, we’ll establish your values and what your money means to you, before clarifying tangible goals and objectives in your life that require planning.



2// Clarity is everything


We’ll deliver the contents of our initial session within a comprehensive mindmap that clarifies and consolidates all that we’ve discussed so far, making absolute certain we’re all on the same page whilst providing an opportunity for further discussion.



3// Evaluate and benchmark


Next, we gather all of the relevant information on your existing assets before benchmarking your current financial landscape against your objectives and desired future lifestyle, advising you on how achievable these are and what changes may be required. An incredibly exciting opportunity to see your plans start to take form!


4// Presentation


At the end of the financial planning process (typically three meetings), we’ll provide you with several formal recommendations on how best to achieve your defined goals. Along with this, we’ll advise you of any practical improvements that can be made immediately, such as lowering investment costs and reducing your families exposure to inheritance tax, along with other planning strategies.



5// Next steps


At the end of this phase, if it becomes evident that further investment, consolidation of assets or implementation of financial products would be beneficial, we will advise on and arrange these for you. Learn more about putting our plans into action and making it happen.


Craig offered a holistic and integrated approach to our financial planning. His approach was considered and his tailored recommendations communicated well. He made the whole process enjoyable
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