"Real wealth is discretionary time"

- Alan Weiss


Wealth is the ability to fully enjoy and experience life, and only becomes meaningful when it’s aligned to our personal goals and values. Of course, financial advice depends heavily on the numbers. But it extends beyond this.

We’re here to help clients identify and define their vision for the lives of themselves and their family, putting their accumulated wealth to work in helping them lead a full, purposeful life.


Craig’s approach was simple: we’re going to get your money working for you, to make market rate gains with the lowest cost possible. He researched all our assets and produced a brilliant report showing us where we stand currently and how to meet our goals

Our philosophy


Successful planning can only be achieved by getting to the heart of what matters to you, focussing on what you have the ability to control. Financial markets are not one of them.

We can’t control what the stock market does day by day, never mind over the course of a lifetime. Instead, focussing on what you can control – what you spend and what you save – can have a significant impact on your future financial wellbeing.

This creates an all-important awareness of your finances, and from there it’s possible to start working towards aligning your existing wealth towards what you most deeply value in your life.



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